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Vector Health provides leading service and technology solutions for speaker bureau management, aggregate spend compliance management, and commercialization strategies. We also use our deep industry experience and resources to provide Thought Leadership in guiding our clients through an ever evolving and complex landscape.

Pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies are faced with the daily challenge of developing educational and instructional programs while remaining compliant to an endless web of regulations. With all the time, effort, and expense that goes into making products, you need a partner that is flexible and highly experienced to address your specific business challenges, rather than force you to fit within constrained offerings.

At Vector Health, our customer engagements always begin with questions.

What are you project goals?

What are your pain points?

Can we utilize elements of your existing ecosystem or are you looking for a fresh start?

How can we ensure that our solutions meet your needs?

Our discovery process is more than a needs assessment. With your goals, needs, culture and systems at the center, we develop and customize event management and aggregate spend solutions. We help your company achieve your sales goals through compliant interactions with healthcare professionals.

Vector Health was founded by experts in Life Science BioPharma and based on the premise that event management and compliance reporting services do not have to be one-size-fits-all. This applies whether your company is in the Top 20 or up-and-coming. Headquartered in San Francisco - with offices in Boston, MA; Minneapolis, MN; and Summit, NJ - our solutions are like our clients: unique, distinct, and exceptional.

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