SpendView Modules & Apps


In addition to our SpendView aggregate spend compliance technology, Vector Health provides a range of modules and apps. Select all or only what you need.

AccuSign Electronic Signature Capture App

AccuSign™ works through the iPad and captures HCP attendee data onsite at the event.

Data Enrichment and Cleansing

Augment your customer master with data from a leading third-party data set. The Vector Health Data Cleansing Service validates any new records, walk-ins, or file corrections coming into your database-of-record and updates according to your corporate protocol.

ContactView On-demand Transfer of Value (TOV) Reporting

Allows users to proactively, communicate transfers of value to your physician universe.

SpendView Connect

Live updated reporting allows your sales team to view reported spend data for any physician in their universe. SpendView Connect can be used as a stand alone or integrated with CRM or Event Management software.


Data auditing module that actively monitors for system and/or compliance issues.  ComplianceView automatically scans for feed failures, system data issues, and downloads outside of norms.  

SpendView Advanced Analytics

Vector Health Advanced Analytics provides multi-tiered, flexible dashboards and business analytics that allow users to drill down into data and records.

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