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Peer-to-peer education through the speaker bureau is a critical component in the successful commercialization of any product.

Vector Health Speaker Bureau services address the full spectrum of speaker bureau needs. EventView is the industry's most sophisticated and complete solution for the management of HCP events. User-friendly and configurable, EventView™ offers robust functionality and uses the latest systems technologies.

Our experience and technology can help you customize your speaker bureau services to your market and create multiple event types:

Traditional dinner events

In-office events


Pre-recorded events

Virtual Consult
our cutting edge small group remote event offering

Effective implementation and management of your speaker bureau requires a detailed understanding of multiple factors that affect the attendance and impact of your events. Vector Health’s EventView platform allows your sales and marketing teams to adjust the program mix and budget to their unique challenges.



Field force size

State and federal regulation

Product maturity

Our systems can accommodate comprehensive events targeting large audiences during the launch-phase or condensed topical events addressing specific provider/care team issues or capitalize on existing provider relationships for an intimate topical presentation.

During our contracting and requirements phase, we customize our solution to your needs. Once the system is in place, our account management team will utilize our robust analytics platform to assess the impact of your speaker bureau.

Vector Health Speaker Bureau Services include:

  • Speaker Bureau Consulting
  • Event Logistics
  • Speaker Logistics
  • Medical Communications Services (through our medical communication partner)
    • Speaker Identification
    • Speaker Nomination
    • Speaker Training
    • Content Development

Vector Health provides multiple event formats including:

Dinner Events * Lunch Events * Virtual Consult * Webinars * On-Demand * Advisory Boards

To learn more about how Vector Health can create an event mix customized to your unique situation contact a Vector Health representative.

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