EventView Modules & Apps


In addition to our EventView™ Speaker Bureau logistics technology, Vector Health provides a range of modules and apps. Select all or only what you need.

The EventView App: The EventView iPad app developed for use by your sales force and management on their iPads. Simplifies field based event management functions for district managers and their sales force.

AccuSign Electronic Signature Capture App: AccuSign™ works through the iPad and captures HCP attendee data onsite at the event.

Speaker Nomination Module: EventView’s module that allows your team to nominate speakers. 

ContractView e-Contract Management Module: A comprehensive, life science specific HCP e-contracting system designed to manage speaker e-contracts in conjunction with EventView. 

Etrain™ Web based Training and Certifications Module : On-line, on-demand training options for HCP faculty.




ContentView™ Content Warehousing Module: Manage content and slide presentations.

BudgetView Event Budget Tracking Module: Manage SpeakerView territory budget in real time. Allocate budgets based on the unique characteristics of each representative’s territory.

Data Enrichment and Cleansing: Augment your customer master with data from a leading third-party data set. The Vector Health Data Cleansing Service validates any new records, walk-ins, or file corrections coming into your database-of-record and updates according to your corporate protocol.

EventView Advanced Analytics: Vector Health Advanced Analytics provides multi-tiered, flexible dashboards and business analytics that allow users to drill down into data and records.

Attendee Recruitment: Vector Health HCP recruitment services provide proactive thought leadership and recommendations to assist our clients’ drive toward successful event attendance. We combine a well-messaged outreach program with robust reporting to help our clients maximize results in an ever changing, complex environment.

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