Thought Leadership


Whether you are looking to invigorate your existing bureau or looking to start a one, Vector Health has significant experience working with companies to define the size, scope and most effective platforms for your speaker bureau.

Our Thought Leadership can provide consultation on the following areas:


Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and Speaker engagement
Speaker Bureau Optimization
Access enhancement strategies
Speaker Bureau ROI effectiveness analysis

Our Thought Leadership practice:


Identifies trends
Instills best practices
Develops strategies for new companies bringing products to commercialization
Analyzes and assesses data to determine the optimal speakers bureau elements - get the right people in front of you and maximize ROI

Market Assessment

The intelligence generated from this assessment is used to define your target audience, where they practice, what factors influence their management of patients, the challenges in accessing them, the optimal delivery vehicles and how to modify existing or future content to work within these delivery vehicles. 

Your company may already have developed a network of speakers who are available to participate in your market assessment.  Vector Health may be able to provide access to additional experts based on our network in the community to supplement existing outreach. 

Company Assessment:

Company assessment analyzes the health of your business rules.  Our system success is predicated on our ability to measure and monitor adherence to business rules and corporate policies.  Your Vector Health account manager will work with you to determine how your existing policies can be optimized to proactively manage your speaker bureau in a compliant manner.  The company assessment is also used to provide valuable insight on how to maximize the business intelligence derived from your data assets.

GAP Report:

Following your market assessment and company assessment, Vector Health generates a report defining the optimal number of events, speakers, event formats, content, geographic distribution of events, business rule and business intelligence recommendations.

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