Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 (01:00 PM, EST)

“Vector Health, pioneers unique professional assistance in Compliance Audit securing to be a first mover in the market”

To your advantage, Vector Health is working towards its way to assist organizations upon acquiring the best practices to build Compliance Audit before Attestation, to eliminate risk/penalties, and follow a sophisticated procedure as preferred by the CMS, OIG, and DOJ. 

To be posted, compliance audits differ from financial audits, where the former sticks to Spend data information with a stakeholder view and the latter focuses more on financial statements.

You will be able to, 

  • Learn in-depth regarding the significance of Spend Audit from a professional eye view
  • Learn Do’s and Don’ts of spend audit
  • Learn the benefits, ROI, costs, and duration of audits 
  • Learn to take hold of the beneficial USP over adopting spend audits

Hear panelists share guidance on:

Your questions cleared upon over, 

  • How does one Quality Assure the CMS transparency report?
  • Why are CCOs and CFOs demanding transparency reports? 
  • What are some of the recent DOJ and CMS audit actions? How to avoid attracting those audits? 
  • How does compliance Audit benefit organizations, being distinct to financial audits?

Date: Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Time: 01:00 PM, EST

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Klaus Geldsetzer

20+ years of experience in the Pharma Drug & Device Industry globally, with expertise in developing regulatory strategies, compliance programs regarding interactions with healthcare professionals

Melissa LaFrain

Global Lead, AstraZeneca, Prolific speaker at compliance conferences

Ned Mumtaz

Formerly with Pfizer and Merck, 20+ conference presentations in Pharma Compliance

Maite Vazquez

20 years experience in the Life Sciences Industry (Medical devices, IVD, Cosmetics, Pharma, Nutraceuticals)

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