Ned Mumtaz

Ned is responsible for Compliance client marketing, sales, solution delivery and solution development. He joined Vector Health as a Partner/Director in January 2020. He has ten years of experience in client solution sales delivery and deployment with leading global solution providers as a Director with SAP Americas Business Objects division, Oracle Corporation, Hewlett Packard’s Life Sciences division, and Qordata compliance solutions.

Before joining client sales and services providers, Ned was a Director at Otsuka and Wyeth for eight years, and an Associate Director at Eisai Pharmaceuticals and Schering Plough for five years. There he supported sales, marketing, compliance and supply chain operations.

Ned was also a manager at Price Waterhouse Consulting’s New York practice for five years, supporting business strategy and re-engineering services.

Ned has served and supported over 150 drug and device manufacturers business solution service needs during his career including the largest drug and device manufacturers including Pfizer (2007-2008), Wyeth (1999-2007), Novartis (2014-2015), Zimmer (2014-2018), including a dozen large manufacturers in Europe. Ned holds a B.S. in Financial Management from University of Oklahoma, Norman; and an MBA from SUNY, Buffalo.

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