New Federal and State Transparency Reporting Solution Launched

Vector Health re-developed the solution on a new platform that has given Vector Health customer’s extraordinary price advantage.

Small to Medium sized drug and device manufacturers are calling the “new” solution “innovative”, “powerful”, “customer friendly” and “cost competitive”.

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SpendView™ – The SaaS-based aggregate spend platform.

Compliance leaders appreciate innovative solutions that help improve compliance monitoring, offer ease of use and provide a competitively priced solution.

What’s “New” in SpendView

We designed a complete end to end solution. And during product surveys we heard and we listened to give you the top 3 features most asked.


With variable budgets, shifting strategies and changing compliance regulations, controlling your aggregate spend services is a constantly evolving task. To help you manage it all, SpendView brings you unmatched functionality.

  • Dashboard – High-level, quick glance overview of the system and status of your aggregate spend
  • Rules Center – Configurable rules, including processes, spend limits, recipient and spend types for federal and each state report
  • Reports – Robust client-specific and state reporting
  • Data Correction – View and make necessary data modifications
  • Case Management – Workflow process monitoring, case management, violations management and corrective action processes functionality
  • Manual Entry Tool – Manually enter spend data into SpendView
  • Data Upload Tool – Automatically upload formatted spend data into SpendView
  • Search – Search for and locate records in the system
  • ContactView Dispute Resolution – Mitigate spend discrepancies between attendees and clients

Vector Health Compliance Management Assets


The SaaS-based aggregate spend platform.


The advanced SaaS-based aggregate spend platform was built from the ground up for the life sciences industry. With its wide range of features, SpendView supports spend reporting obligations, actively monitors spend practices and provides insightful reports.

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