Real-Time HCP Data Collection for Seamless Event Operations

Capture Speaker Signatures, Budgets and Evaluations: It’s the App that Does All That!

Elevate your life sciences events with AccuSign™, Vector Health’s cutting-edge solution that streamlines your data collection, compliance management, customer relationships, and advanced analytics all in one portable platform. No more inaccuracies or compliance risks – just precise event data at your fingertips.

“I saved myself a step, I can just take a picture of receipts and send them right to Concur from my phone! And if someone missed signing in on my iPad I can take a picture of a sign-in sheet, and that reconciles with everything, too. Very cool.”
Pharma Rep

Faster, Curated, Data Management:

  • Captures in-depth Speaker and Attendee information
  • Interfaces with Customer master database for attendee reconciliation
  • Kiosk-mode streamlines self sign-in
  • Captures rep evaluations of Speakers and meetings, to help assess effectiveness and drive improvement
  • Event-Specific Expenditure Tracking

Advanced Compliance Management and Analytics:

  • Real Time Monitoring of Compliance Status, Workflow Enforcement and Execution
  • Attendee Requirement Acknowledgment / Certifications and Proof of Activity
  • Complete Data Reporting and Program Evaluations

 Enhanced Attendee Engagement:

  • Reminders
  • Post-Program Communications

Empower your team with the AccuSign™ advantage and add a next level of accuracy and efficiency to your HCP engagement events.

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