Get Expert Guidance for Your Speaker Bureau

Data-Driven Strategies and Hand In Glove Management

Whether you’re revitalizing your current speaker bureau or just starting out, the experienced Vector Health team is here to support you every step of the way with expert guidance and data-driven insights.

Rely on us for any or all aspects you need:

  1. Sourcing and Engaging Key Opinion Leaders and Speakers
  2. Optimizing Speaker Bureau Operations
  3. Enhancing Access Strategies
  4. Analyzing Your Speaker Bureau ROI and Effectiveness

Personal Expertise Paired with Data-Driven Insights

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience with life sciences companies of all sizes, we can help you define the scope, understand the trends and apply best practices for optimal speaker bureau results. We also analyze and assess data to get the right HCPs. It’s all about maximizing your results.

Market Assessment:

Vector Health starts with an in-depth assessment that will help you:

  • Better define your target audience and reveal challenges in accessing them
  • Identify optimal delivery locations and factors influencing patient management
  • Tailor effective content for different outreach.

Even if you already have a speaker network, we can supplement your outreach with access to additional experts.

Company Assessment:

Our industry expertise allows us to thoroughly analyze your company’s business rules. We’ll work together with you to optimize your existing speaker bureau policies while ensuring full compliance. You’ll gain insightful business intelligence from your data assets, and the power that comes with valuable information.

GAP Report

Through those detailed market and company assessments, we then craft a personalized GAP report, highlighting the ideal number of events, speakers, event formats, content, geographic distribution, and business rule recommendations.

Partner with Vector Health for comprehensive, data-driven guidance for greater business intelligence, speaker bureau impact and success.